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EVL packs Vitamode with a little more than your average multi-vitamin


The last time we saw anything new from EVLution Nutrition, at least supplement wise, was late last year with the now available protein powder Stacked Protein. Since then it’s been relatively quiet with the brand, however it has now unveiled its first new product for 2016 introducing the multi-vitamin Vitamode. The supplement is colored with EVL’s white branding meaning it is a basic formula, although it does squeeze in a little more than your average multi-vitamin competitor.

With well over 40 ingredients in Vitamode, instead of going over each and every one of them we’re just going to list off the areas in which its features are included to support. Firstly you have the obvious set of vitamin and minerals as well as antioxidants, then ingredients to help with stress, bone health, your immune system, metabolism and even eye health. Each effect has a few features backing it up such as 22 green and red phyto nutrients for its promise of antioxidants, and lutein and zeaxanthin for eye health.

We have of course uploaded Vitamode’s complete list of ingredients down below, where almost everything is transparently dosed except for the packed out Phyto Nutrient Complex. While the new EVL product has yet to be released it is expected to do so within the next two months in two sizes, a full 120 tablet bottle and a trial size 14 tablet.

EVLution Nutrition Vitamode


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