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EAA7000 adds a blend of electrolytes for EVL’s two-in-one intra-workout

Evl Eaa7000 Electrolytes

EVL recently an essential amino acid supplement by the name of EAA7000 near the end of last year, where true to its name, every serving comes with 7,000mg of all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery and repair. That breaks down into 5g of BCAAs, and the other 2g is from the remaining six EAAs. There is now a more comprehensive spin-off of that product that makes EAA7000 even more suited for the intra-workout window with EAA7000 Electrolytes.

EVL has simply combined the 7,000mg of EAAs in EAA7000 and a variety of key electrolytes to additionally support hydration and performance, to create EAA7000 Electrolytes. The brand has packed the product with quality sources, including the premium Calci-K, all coming together for a total of 670mg of electrolytes. The breakdown of that 670mg is 90mg of sodium, 120mg of chloride, 100mg of magnesium, 220mg of potassium, 90mg of calcium, and 50mg of phosphorus.

Amino acids for recovery and electrolytes for hydration have always been a reliable partnership for use during a workout, hence why EVL’s EAA7000 Electrolytes makes for a more suitable intra-workout solution as mentioned above. You can purchase it directly from the brand’s online store in a Pink Lemonade flavor for a few dollars more than EAA7000 at $28.59, and rightfully so, as it is a hybrid supplement, a two-in-one of sorts, with an amino and hydration formula in one.

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