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Women’s MRP only slightly different from Nutrabio’s two week old original

womens mrp

Following the launch of its Muscle Matrix meal replacement formula simply titled Muscle Matrix MRP, Nutrabio has also now released a women’s version of the same supplement. The differences between the two are actually quite small, as both have exactly the same ingredients just at very different amounts. The idea behind the spin-off is that men and women do obviously have very different bodies, so it only makes sense that there be a alternate MRP formula for women.

As mentioned the Women’s Muscle Matrix MRP is very similar to the men’s, with almost all of the original amounts remaining the same. Starting off with the macro differences, the women’s MRP has 7g less protein and carbohydrates, 4g of fat instead of 5, half as much cholesterol, and significantly less calories at 170 as opposed to 235. Lastly we have all the vitamin and mineral differences which include 113mg less calcium, 506mcg of iron down from 572, 57mg less phosphorus. 8mg of magnesium compared to the men’s 12, 1mcg less chromium, 90mg of sodium instead of 103, then finally 49mg less potassium.

As it should, due to having a lower amount of a number of ingredients, Nutrabio’s Women’s Muscle Matrix MRP is of course cheaper than the men’s. While it does still have 18 servings, direct it is $5 less at $36.99 a tub with the same four flavors available as the original in Chocolate Milkshake, Banana Cream, Creamy Vanilla and Strawberry Smoothie.

Nutrabio Women’s Muscle Matrix MRP

womens mrp

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