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360 Nitro Drive label reveal confirms a surprisingly large combination

360 nitro drive

After a couple of months of teasing 360Cut has finally released everything about its stimulant free pre-workout 360 Nitro Drive. The supplement itself was originally unveiled late last month, where we got a first look at it but nothing else. Today we have a look at the back of the product confirming a surprisingly large combination of 11 different ingredients.

As previously confirmed 360 Nitro Drive has been designed as a stimulant free performance enhancing, pump promoting pre-workout. To help it deliver in those two areas 360Cut has packed it with 3g of citrulline malate, 2g each of HydroMax glycerol and taurine, 1.6g beta-alanine. 1g each of betaine anhydrous and creatine HCl, 750mg each of agmatine sulfate and Nitrosigine (inositol arginine silicate), 550mg choline bitartrate, 5mg BioPerine black pepper and 50mcg of huperzine A.

All 11 ingredients mentioned come squeezed into a 14.7g two scoop serving, with each tub of 360 Nitro Drive packing a total of 20 servings. When it come to flavors 360Cut fans are actually going to have quite the selection, with the supplement due to be available in three options when it eventually arrives. Those three are Green Apple, Cool Blue Razz, and the interesting sounding Candy Tarts.

While no official launch date for 360 Nitro Drive has been set yet, you may remember back at the beginning of February it was said the product would be available in the next month or two. We are now nearing the end of that time frame, so expect to see it released by 360Cut sometime soon.

360Cut 360 Nitro Drive

360 nitro drive

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