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ABB gets its own booth and confirms the coming of more supplements


While ABB or American Body Building is a veteran of sorts at supplement expos, the 2016 Arnold marks the first time we’ve seen the brand with a booth all on its own. Usually we see ABB connected to Optimum Nutrition, however this weekend it is still close to Optimum but separate. The on-the-go brand also has a unique feature to its booth where it gives visitors a chance to represent their gym and let the world know what it stands for.

ABB were fortunately on hand at the Arnold to give us a few updates on what it has coming this year following on from Amino Force, which was its first new product in a very long time. Apparently the brand is going to be launching a few more supplements this year, with all of them being entirely new. We weren’t given any clues about what they are or what categories they’ll be competing, just that they’re obviously RTD formulas.