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Adrenal Rush V2 the official title of Primeval’s reformulated pre-workout

adrenal rush v2

A couple of weeks ago Primeval Labs reformulated it’s very young pre-workout supplement Adrenal Rush, by dropping six of its original’s ingredients and going 100% transparent. The product was immediately made available through the brand’s website, and has since gone on to show up in a number of retailers. The reason we’re bringing it back up again today is because it turns out there is a way to know if you’ve got the updated version without looking at its facts panel.

We can now confirm that Adrenal Rush V2 isn’t just the unofficial nickname of Primeval’s sequel pre-workout. That title is in fact used on the label of the supplement, something we didn’t know or was made clear when the product was launched. The brand’s own website does still have the original pictured despite it selling V2, although you can see proof of the different name both above and at the likes of Supplement Central.

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