More supplements on the way for Lobliner, Torbati & Rashid’s Ambrosia

Mar 1, 2016 | Ambrosia
mental jewels powder
ambrosia nekktar

Ambrosia, the brand from the minds of MTS Nutrition’s Marc Lobliner, HPN’s Sean Torbati and ImSoAlpha’s Mike Rashid, currently has just the one supplement available in Mental Jewels. It’s been that way ever since the brand arrived, although sometime soon Ambrosia’s focus formula is in fact going to be joined by a couple of other products. The collaborative brand has announced that it is working on two more extremely interesting sounding supplements.

At the moment all we have are temporary or possibly official names for the products, as well as the unique categories they’re being designed for. First is Nekktar, a flavored formula put together to help with organ health. The other item has a more obvious and temporary sounding title with Over Training Solution, an unflavored powder presumably designed to help users in the area of over training.

There is no word on when either will be available, only that they are currently being worked on and coming soon.