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American Metabolix getting ready to re-enter a category

american metabolix

Earlier this week we posted about the return of American Metabolix, as after roughly six months of silence the brand made headlines once again with news of another Premium Whey size. Now just two days later the brand is at it again, although this time it has a little more than just another size for a current supplement. American Metabolix has basically released a teaser, hinting at the coming of an all new product.

While not all new supplements are worth getting excited about, what makes this one so interesting is that the brand has gone out of its way to hide almost everything about it. As you can see above, all we actually get from the teaser is that the upcoming product is packaged in an American Metabolix cylinder style capsule bottle. There is just one other detail that the brand has been kind enough to reveal, which is that the mystery supplement is going to re-enter American Metabolix into a category it’s already competing in.

Based on what little information has been released, we can narrow down the product to three categories. Major areas American Metabolix is already competing in with capsule formulas includes muscle-building, multi-vitamin or weight loss. Since the brand has said it is re-entering a category and it’s willing to keep the supplement hidden, our guess is it belongs to one of those three. Muscle-building and weight loss would probably be the more likely two of the group as brand’s don’t usually tease a multi-vitamin.

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