Amino PM Review: The new king of recovery supplements

Mar 15th, 2016
amino pm review

Ever since we first laid eyes on Muscle Elements’ Amino PM formula, we’d been waiting to get a hold of a tub or two to give it a run. The big attraction is of course just how packed the nighttime recovery supplement is, as it features more solidly dosed ingredients than we’d ever seen in a product of its kind. Over the past month or so we have finally been putting the Muscle Elements powerhouse to the test and can now happily say Amino PM works even better than we expected.

Amino PM surpasses Bullet Proof

When it comes to nighttime recovery supplements we generally look for four effects. You have the knockout ability, which is how quickly a product gets you to sleep. How good that sleep is, does the supplement help with recovery, and lastly how revitalized you feel in the morning. We haven’t actually seen those four effects done overly well in a single product since the days of MusclePharm’s legendary Bullet Proof.

For those that don’t remember that one, like Amino PM Bullet Proof was quite packed and was also our favorite recovery formula for a very long time. MusclePharm did eventually discontinue and replace it with the less effective Iron Dream, however now several years later we have the successor we’ve been waiting for in Amino PM.

amino pm review

Awake 1 minute, asleep the next

Starting with how well Amino PM gets you to sleep, it’s basically as good as it gets. The supplement doesn’t make you drowsy or bring you down as heavily as other dedicated sleep aids we’ve tried. But if you are in bed or at least lying down 10 to 20 minutes after taking Amino PM, it will take you from being relatively awake to asleep in a matter of minutes. The product’s knockout ability really does sneak up on you, as you don’t feel tired all of a sudden or start yawning, you’ll just be awake one minute then asleep the next.

We should also mention that because Amino PM doesn’t bring on that strong drowsy feeling you will need to get in bed to get the full sleep effect. If you’re up, walking around, working or anything like that it may not make you tired enough to want to go to bed. It will knock you out if you’re watching TV in bed, however to get the best out of it simply lie down and switch off the lights.

amino pm review

As deep as recovery supplements get

The next effect we have is the deepness of Amino PM’s sleep. In this department it’s about as good as nighttime recovery supplements get. The effect isn’t as strong as it is in some of the more complex or advanced sleep aids, but it’s certainly enough to notice that the product has a hand in your sleep. Nine times of ten Amino PM will keep your eyes closed from night to morning, with no noise or movement being able to wake you. You may experience the odd break in the middle of the night, although for us it was extremely rare and very easy to get back to sleep.

Wake up ready to go

We now move on to how revitalized you’ll feel in the morning, after Amino PM puts you out and ensures you get a good night’s sleep. This effect isn’t to be confused with muscle recovery, it’s more about how energetic or awake you feel once you open your eyes. In the case of Amino PM every morning you wake up after your usual amount of sleep you will find it a whole lot easier to get up and moving. It’s almost like an extra spring in your step as the minute you open your eyes you’ll likely roll out of bed and get going. If you are someone who already wakes up quite easily then you may only notice a small boost, but nowhere near as much if you usually take a while to fully open your eyes and get moving.

It is also important that you take note when we say “your usual amount of sleep”. Most of us aim for seven or eight hours of sleep, although there is the odd few that prefer six or seven. What ever your usual amount may be, it is important that you get that amount when using Amino PM because if you cut it short it does ruin the experience. For example if you need to get up early say in four hours and you’re used to eight hours of sleep, it will be incredibly difficult. As mentioned the supplement does put you in a solid deep sleep which we’re pretty sure is the reason it’s so hard to cut your sleep short. The obvious solution there is just don’t take Amino PM unless you’re going to get a full night’s sleep.

amino pm review

A lot more recovered than usual

Last but not least we have arguably the most important effect of a recovery product, and that is its actual muscle recovery ability. Very few supplements out there offer a noticeable amount of this effect with Amino PM being one of those few. It is obviously very difficult to judge whether a sleep formula helps with recovery, however we put Amino PM through more than enough tests to confidently say it helps in that area.

While the argument could be made that you don’t know if you’d recover the same without the product. It is really those that know their body that will notice and appreciate Amino PM’s recovery effect. It doesn’t exactly get rid of muscle soreness completely, it’s more the fact that you don’t feel anywhere near as sore or tired as you’re used to or expect to.

The new king of recovery

Overall Muscle Elements’ Amino PM delivers in every area it needs to. It has the ability to put you to sleep, keep you asleep, and make sure you wake up refreshed and recovered as much as possible. There are a few areas the supplement isn’t perfect as its sleep could be deeper and the nighttime drowsiness is missed, however it is without a doubt the most complete and effective recovery formula currently on the market. What’s even better is that we no longer need to compare anything to MusclePharm’s long gone Bullet Proof, as Amino PM is simply much better in every way.

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