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Muscletech getting ready to launch 5 different Black Onyx VitaMax formulas


Over the past few months we have seen Muscletech reveal and release more supplements than any other brand in the industry. A lot of those supplements have actually been for its spin-off line, the SX-7 Black Onyx Series. Even just recently we saw the brand confirm two more for the line with Shatter Neuro and Shatter Ripped. As it turns out Muscletech is going to keep the Black Onyx products coming as five more have been confirmed.

Whether or not you believe it all of those five new supplements are in fact going to be competing in the same category. The brand is currently getting ready to launch five Black Onyx multi-vitamin formulas, each with its own point of difference. While we don’t have any official details on any of the five just yet, we do know their names which definitely suggest a few things. The five names are Black Onyx VitaMax Sport for Him and for Her, Black Onyx VitaMax Energy and Metabolism for Him and Her, and lastly VitaMax Test.

Based solely on their titles it sounds like Muscletech has put together a regular multi-vitamin for men and one for women, then an energized version for men and another for women, and lastly a testosterone infused vitamin. More information on the five will be dropped soon, although thanks to the names we do feel we kind of know what we’re in for.

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