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Shatter Black Onyx Neuro more like Ripped than the original

shatter black onyx neuro

The complete list of ingredients in Muscletech’s other upcoming Black Onyx pre-workout has now been released. The supplement in the spotlight today is the focus powered Shatter Black Onyx Neuro. Much like Shatter Ripped which was completely unveiled earlier this week, Shatter Neuro is quite different compared to the original. Neuro is actually more like Ripped than the regular Shatter Black Onyx, as it uses six of its ingredients all at identical doses.

In total Shatter Black Onyx Neuro has ten different features, six coming from Shatter Ripped. Those ingredients are 1.6g CarnoSyn beta-alanine, 1.5g citrulline, 150mg caffeine, 100mg myristica fragrans, 37.5mg skullcap and 2mg satsuma orange. The remaining four features have all been included to back up Shatter Neuro’s promise of a “neurosensory” experience. Rounding out the formula you have 100mg of n-acetyl-l-carnitine, 10mcg huperzine A and a 100mg blend of AlphaSize alpha GPC and Cognizin citicoline.

At the moment Shatter Black Onyx Neuro is still said to be coming soon, which is also the case for Muscletech’s other Black Onyx pre-workout Shatter Ripped.

Muscletech Shatter Black Onyx Neuro

shatter black onyx neuro

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