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Cell-Tech Hyper-Build’s 5 in 1 ingredients confirmed

cell-tech hyper-build

Back at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Muscletech confirmed its upcoming sugar-free, creatine supplement Cell-Tech Hyper-Build. Very few details were initially revealed, however a few weeks later we got a first look at the product which the brand is calling a 5 in 1 post-workout formula. Today we have another update on Cell-Tech Hyper-Build with confirmation of what ingredients it actually uses to back up its 5 in 1 promise.

In no specific order the five main features in Muscletech’s new Cell-Tech Hyper-Build are 5g of creatine, 6g of BCAAs at a somewhat uncommon 4:1:1 ratio. 480mg of tart cherry, a gram of taurine, and a yet to be detailed blend of electrolytes. The combination promises all the usual creatine and BCAA benefits as well as help with recovery during your workout. While Muscletech is promoting Cell-Tech Hyper-Build as a 5 in 1 formula, and five ingredients have been confirmed for it. We have yet to see its official label so there may still be more features to the supplement.

Unfortunately despite having what appears to be all of the product’s details, we still don’t know when the brand plans on launching Cell-Tech Hyper-Build. For now it remains on Muscletech’s relatively long list of supplements coming soon, with three 30 serving flavors expected to be available when it finally arrives in Extreme Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry Blast and Icy Rocket Freeze.

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