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Cell-Tech Hyper-Build preview reconfirms that it has less carbohydrates

cell-tech hyper-build

Over the weekend at the Arnold Sports Festival Muscletech confirmed but didn’t have on display, its upcoming spin-off Cell-Tech supplement Cell-Tech Hyper-Build. Today we’ve got a first look at that very product, giving us a bit more information on it. Previously all we really knew about it was that it would obviously being a creatine type formula, which separates itself from the original Cell-Tech by having a lot less carbohydrates.

Our first look at Cell-Tech Hyper-Build does confirm that it does indeed have a lot less carbohydrates based on the fact that it says it has zero sugar. We also get the weight of the supplement in its preview at 485g per tub, which works out to around 16g if we’re looking at the likes of 30 servings. The only other details we get are that Cell-Tech Hyper-Build features BCAAs, and that it’s being promoted as a “5-in-1 post-workout” suggesting the product has a few more extras that we don’t know of.

Definitely stay tuned for more information on this one, as well as all the other new supplements Muscletech has coming including its five Black Onyx VitaMax multi-vitamin formulas.

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