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Cell-Tech Hyper-Build label reveals a few more ingredients

cell-tech hyper-build

Recently we were able to confirm the ingredients in Muscletech’s upcoming Cell-Tech Hyper-Build that back up its promise of being a 5-in-1 formula. It included a rare 4:1:1 ratio of BCAAs, creatine, taurine, tart cherry and an undetailed electrolyte blend. While the 5-in-1 breakdown was informative, it did leave us wondering if there was more to the supplement. As it turns out there is in fact a handful of other features in Cell-Tech Hyper-Build, all of which we can confirm today as the product’s official facts panel has finally been released.

Just to be clear we are going to go over all the ingredients in Cell-Tech Hyper-Build today, as there are some things about the previously confirmed features that we didn’t know. Starting from the top with the supplement’s BCAA matrix you have the 4:1:1 ratio of BCAAs at a dose of 6g, as well as one gram of glutamine. Next on the list is the 5g of creatine which we now know is divided up into 4g creatine monohydrate and 1g creatine HCl.

Moving on down the label you have the already confirmed gram of taurine, 240mg of tart cherry, and an electrolyte blend of sodium chloride, coconut water, watermelon juice and dipotassium phosphate. The last blend on Cell-Tech Hyper-Build’s list is a support matrix with just two more ingredients in 100mg of white mulberry and 50mg of prickly pear concentrate.

The only other details worth mentioning for Cell-Tech Hyper-Build would be its three 30 serving flavors which are Extreme Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry Blast and Muscletech’s Bomb Pop recipe Icy Rocket Freeze. For those after a look at the product’s label you can see that below, and for a complete description of what the upcoming supplement is designed to do check out the Cell-Tech Hyper-Build page on Muscletech’s website.

Muscletech Cell-Tech Hyper-Build

cell-tech hyper-build

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