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Chocolate Cream Carb Killa launched for $2.33 a bar

chocolate cream carb killa

While it may be a little later than expected, Grenade has finally launched its second Carb Killa flavor in the US. It was last year in November that the brand made the big move with the product, introducing the original Caramel Chaos Carb Killa to the American market. Almost six months later Grenade has now given its US followers a much needed second option with Chocolate Cream Carb Killa.

Fans in other parts of the world may be wondering if that’s an entirely new flavor, as Chocolate Cream isn’t the name of any previous Carb Killas. As it turns out it is actually a flavor renamed just for the US, so if you are feeling left out there is no need to.

As Grenade has done with almost all of its new protein bar flavors, Chocolate Cream Carb Killa has been launched with an introductory deal. While you can purchase one box of 12 bars for the brand’s usual direct price of $41.88, if you spend just $14 you can get yourself two boxes at $55.95, working out to just $2.33 a bar.

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