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Changes confirmed for Goldstar’s 2016 version of Triple X

triple x

Goldstar recently unveiled an all new look for its top 10 pre-workout supplement Triple X. The rebranding also brought with it a new flavor for the product’s now five flavor menu with Cotton Candy, as well as a few formula changes. Previously we weren’t able to confirm exactly what Goldstar had done to the pre-workout, this week however the label for the updated version has been released.

Basically the brand has just tweaked Triple X in a handful of areas. Firstly its main proprietary blend is now a lot heavier at 7.3g, and also doesn’t include caffeine. The ingredients making up that blend in the updated supplement are l-citrulline, agmatine sulfate, beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, 2-aminoisoheptane and synephrine.

As mentioned the caffeine now sits outside of Triple X’s proprietary blend, and is the product’s only transparent ingredient. Goldstar has also switched from the usual caffeine anhydrous to the extended release Infinergy dicaffeine malate at a dose of 404mg. You can see the complete label for the reformulated pre-workout below, and for those interested in comparing the new to the old we have added the original’s label as well.

Goldstar Triple X (2016 version)

triple x

Goldstar Triple X (original)

triple x

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