Bonus Hydroxycut Black gives fans an extra six days

hydroxycut black

Late last year the dedicated Hydroxycut brand introduced another stimulant powered weight loss solution with the darker branded Hydroxycut Black. The supplement was launched in just the one 60 capsule size which works out to 30 days worth on the entry amount of two capsules a day, or 15 days on the maximum of two capsules twice a day. Hydroxycut Black fans now have another size to choose from with six extra servings.

Basically a 20% bonus bottle of Hydroxycut Black has been spotted at the retailer GNC, which as mentioned has an extra six servings or more specifically 12 capsules. The 72 count bottle’s presence is a little confusing though as it’s not what GNC has on its website, but it is what the store has on the label it lists. Regardless of whether GNC has the regular 60 or 20% extra bottle, its price on Hydroxycut Black is $39.99 for Gold Card members or $49.99 for everyone else.

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