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ISOi 9:2:2 separates itself with Pepform aminos and a focus blend

ISOi 9:2:2

Following on from Performix’s unveiling of its first ever protein powder Pro Whey at the Arnold Sports Festival, which is actually already available. Details have now come in of yet another new supplement from the brand with ISOi 9:2:2. Just like IONi, Super Ti and SSTi, ISOi 9:2:2 is another product in the slightly more advanced Performix Iridium Series, and is obviously a spin-off of the brand’s original BCAA formula ISO 9:2:2.

The big question of course is what has Performix done to ISOi 9:2:2 to separate it from the regular ISO? The answer to that appears to be the addition of a cognitive priming blend and an advanced peptide delivery system. Everything else in the supplement looks to be somewhat the same with 5g of Terra Bead infused BCAAs at the unique ratio of 9:2:2, as well as three blends covering recovery, hydration and absorption.

In total ISOi 9:2:2’s cognitive priming blend and advanced peptide delivery system feature nine different ingredients. Starting with the peptide blend the product packs unknown amounts of five Pepform aminos, Pepform leucine, valine, isoleucine, citrulline and glutamine. You then have the focus matrix with the remaining four ingredients which are KSM-66 ashwagandha, Cognizin citicoline, alpha GPC and huperzine A.

The new additions to the supplement are said to further enhance the effectiveness of the original ISO 9:2:2 formula, and of course add a new effect to the mix with a boost in mental performance.

For those after a closer look at the ISOi 9:2:2 combination we have added its official facts panel down below. The product is not yet available, although when it does eventually arrive fans will have two 30 serving flavors to choose from in Blue Razz Ice and Cherry Limeade.

Performix ISOi 9:2:2

ISOi 9:2:2

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