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MaxREPS NO3 featuring both citrulline and citrulline malate

maxreps no3

USP Labs recently unveiled what is going to be its fourth pre-workout supplement with MaxREPS NO3. It was already confirmed what is going to separate the product from Jack3d, Jack3d Micro and ModernPre, as MaxREPS is a stimulant free pre-workout. As for what’s actually powering the supplement, exactly one week after we got our first look at it the brand has now released its facts panel confirming a simple combination of four ingredients.

Making up USP Labs’ upcoming MaxREPS NO3 is the previously revealed citrulline malate (2:1) at a dose of 8g, followed by 2g each of arginine nitrate and regular l-citrulline, and 150mg of vitamin C. The combination as posted last week promises increases in both pump and performance, the latter more than the former with MaxREPS saying right on its label “Increases Repetitions in Very First Workout.”

You can check out MaxREPS NO3’s full label for yourself below, although as mentioned it is fairly simple with the doses listed above being all that makes up each of its 28 servings.


maxreps no3

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