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Muscle Elements Raw Elements Series officially unveiled

muscle elements raw

Muscle Elements recently confirmed the official title of its upcoming basic supplement series. The eight product line is called the Muscle Elements Raw Elements Series, which has now been completely unveiled. As expected the line is made up of all your common individual ingredient formulas, finally giving fans of the brand a number of essentials they may have been grabbing from someone else.

Of the eight self explanatory Raw Elements supplements, only two are somewhat the same. The two similar are both titled BCAA 3:1:2, with one coming in capsules and the other a 60 serving unflavored tub. As for the other six in the line you have the 90 softgel products Fish Oil and CLA, the other two 60 serving unflavored formulas Creatine and Glutamine. Agmatine Sulfate which has half a gram of agmatine in each of its 100 capsules, and lastly L-Carnitine also going with half a gram of its title ingredient in each of its 180 capsules.

All eight Muscle Elements supplements are expected to be available sometime soon, with a launch time frame of this Spring. That obviously doesn’t give us an exact month but does mean you’ll likely see the Raw Elements Series on shelves within in the next few months.

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