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Shatter Black Onyx Ripped carries over very little from the original

shatter ripped

Details on Muscletech’s spin-off pre-workout Shatter Black Onyx Ripped have now been released, following on from yesterday’s complete unveiling of NaNOX9 Next Gen. The big reveal finally confirms exactly what’s in the supplement, which as expected is a lot more than what’s in the original Shatter Black Onyx. In total Shatter Ripped has 11 different ingredients, with 5 of those 11 being from the product that inspired it.

The features carried over from Shatter Black Onyx to Shatter Black Onyx Ripped are CarnoSyn beta-alanine, caffeine, myristica fragrans, skullcap and satsuma orange. Every one of those has also carried over its original dose, except for caffeine as it is actually a little lighter in Shatter Ripped at 150mg instead of 200.

Moving on to the entirely new ingredients in Muscletech’s fat burning pre-workout there is 1.5g of citrulline, half a gram each of taurine and carnitine, 200mg green coffee bean, and 50mg each of rose hips and black currant extract. As you can see the brand has added more than just weight loss features to the supplement, which will no doubt separate the Shatter Ripped experience even further from the regular Shatter Black Onyx.

Muscletech is still listing Shatter Black Onyx Ripped as coming soon, although seeing as everything about it is now available we don’t imagine it being too far away. In the meantime you can get a little bit closer to the product by checking out its official facts panel below.

Muscletech Shatter Black Onyx Ripped

shatter black onyx ripped

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