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Sour Patch AdreNOlyn returns less than a year after its first release

sour patch adrenolyn

Last month Black Market did something we’d never seen it do before by launching a limited edition flavor for the fourth time. Fans were treated to one of the underground brand’s more popular recipes in Tiger’s Blood, which was originally introduced in July of 2013, then again in March of 2014 and then once more in January last year. Black Market has now decided that for March it is going to do something very similar to what it did last month.

Basically instead of putting together an all new flavor as this month’s limited edition, much like it did in February the brand has brought back one from the past. The recipe being resurrected this time around is the Sour Patch Kids inspired Sour Patch AdreNOlyn, first released last year in July. The launch date for the product has been set at Monday the 28th, when it will be both added to Black Market’s website and make its way out to retailers.

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