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AI Sports unveils its TestoPro sequel TestoPro XT

testopro xt

AI Sports has just unveiled its first new supplement for the year with a sequel to one of its longest running products. The brand has introduced a muscle building formula named TestoPro XT, which is obviously a follow up to its original TestoPro. Like with all newly unveiled supplements however, we don’t know a whole lot about TestoPro XT especially when it comes to what ingredients it’s going to have in it.

While the brand hasn’t confirmed any of the product’s contents, it has released a list of highlights, some of which do set TestoPro XT apart from its predecessor. The highlights revealed include effects such as boost in testosterone, energy, size and strength, as well as increased performance and recovery. The more interesting details are that the supplement will be 100% transparent unlike the original TestoPro, and have clinically studied and patented ingredients.

AI does already have a product page on its website for TestoPro XT where you can see that it will be coming in a 120 capsule bottle and be priced exactly the same as its predecessor at $54.99. The only thing the page doesn’t have is stock of the supplement, which is of course said to be coming soon.

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