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SnorFLEX joins TuffnTiny’s creative BULKemon Collection


At this year’s Arnold Sports Festival we were introduced to the creative TuffnTiny, which is a brand from the team behind Flex Comics. If you haven’t seen its Pokemon and bodybuilding themed BULKemon collection yet, it is definitely worth checking out especially if you’re a 90s kid. It is in fact that collection TuffnTiny has now added to with its Snorlax illustration appropriately named SnorFLEX.

The design is the brand’s fifth for the BULKemon collection, as SnorFLEX joins four other original Pokemon, SWOLEmander, BULKasaur, JigglyBUFF and PikaHUGE. Like the others SnorFLEX does come in a tee, tank, and women’s racerback, with all three items priced the same at $24.99. At the moment the latest from TuffnTiny is only available for pre-order from its website, although it is due to ship in just 10 days time on Friday the 25th.

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