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4+ Nutrition adds beet juice AAKG+ for Advanced AAKG+

4+ advanced aakg

4+ Nutrition continues its march towards seven new supplements this week, introducing yet another with Advanced AAKG+. The latest from the Italian is in fact its third release in less than 10 days, as last week it dropped both Super Food and Core ALC. Coincidentally Advanced AAKG is a lot like Core ALC, as it is also a slightly more complex version of another 4+ Nutrition product.

The product the brand’s Advanced AAKG is somewhat based on is simply AAKG, an individual ingredient l-arginine alphaketoglutarate formula. Like the regular AAKG, 4+ Nutrition’s advanced version does of course feature arginine AKG, and at the same 2g dose. Where the new supplement separates itself is with its addition of beet juice, which has been included at 200mg per serving.

As always 4+ Nutrition has already released its latest effort, immediately adding Advanced AAKG to its official store. Anyone interested in getting their hands on it can do so at, where the product is available in the one 90 tablet for €30.

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