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GNC gets an even bigger 60 serving Gold Standard Pre-Workout

gold standard pre-workout

Back when Optimum Nutrition first launched Gold Standard Pre-Workout, it gave the retailer GNC an exclusive size. As far as we know GNC is still the only place in the US stocking the 20% bonus tub, which packs an extra 6 servings taking it to a total of 36. That very same store has now shown up with yet another size no one else appears to have, introducing something even bigger.

One of the latest releases from Optimum at GNC actually weighs in well over half a kilogram at 600g. Fans of Gold Standard Pre-Workout may actually realize fairly quickly exactly how many servings that has, as 600g is double the weight of the regular 30 serving tub. That does obviously mean GNC’s new size has double the servings with a total of 60. It is of course also more cost-effective than the store’s 36 serving priced at $56.99 for Gold Card Members and $58.99 for everyone else.

One last detail we have to mention is that the massive 60 serving Gold Standard Pre-Workout does come with a catch, which is that it has a much smaller menu. Unlike the 20% bonus tub and its five different flavors, the double size has just the one option to choose from in Blueberry Lemonade.

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