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Anarchy Next Gen not going to be available everywhere

anarchy next gen

Last week at FIBO in Cologne, Germany we were surprised to see Muscletech promoting a number of never-before-seen upcoming supplements. The most interesting of them all was the sequel pre-workout Anarchy Next Gen, which is of course a follow up to the brand’s most recent Performance Series pre-workout Anarchy. While we have still yet to get details about what’s going to set Next Gen apart from the original, we have received some new information that’s worth sharing.

Initially we thought Anarchy Next Gen was at Muscletech’s FIBO booth as it is simply an upcoming product that would be available everywhere the current Anarchy is. As it turns out Muscletech has revealed that not all of its fans are going to be within reach of the supplement. Anarchy Next Gen is apparently only going to be available outside of the US, much like two of its 2015 released Nitro-Tech spin-offs Nitro-Tech Rapid Mass and Zero-Carb.

You might be wondering since we’re not getting Anarchy Next Gen, does that mean Muscletech has something else planned for the US? By the sounds of things the answer to that is yes, we don’t however have any idea on what we’re in for. Either way you look at it though, if you’re a fan of the brand no matter where you are in the world you could be seeing a new Muscletech pre-workout near you soon.

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