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Bad Ass much more true to its name than the US Baddass

bad ass nutrition

Bad Ass Nutrition doesn’t appear to be an overly new brand, but certainly one that caught our attention here at FIBO. It’s not to be confused with the US brand that uses a donkey in its logo and also goes by the name Baddass Nutrition. The European Bad Ass is a bright red, hardcore styled brand with a line up of seven different supplements.

Bad Ass covers all the areas it needs to with each its products being fairly self explanatory. The brand’s line is made up of the packed pre-workout Pre, Amino, the creatine Crea, Whey, the zero fat and sugar protein Zero, BCAA 8:1:1, and lastly the obviously named mass protein formula, Mass.

As nice as it would be to send you to the brand’s website for more information, it isn’t exactly informative. features just a subscription form where you can sign up to possibly be sent a sample pack. The only other place you can go for details would be a Bad Ass stockist with the German retailer FA Nutrition being one of the best we could find.

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