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European Bad Ass Nutrition finally launches its website

bad ass nutrition

Back at this year’s FIBO Expo earlier this month, we met the relatively new European brand Bad Ass Nutrition. It stood out a lot more than most in Cologne Germany, sporting a bright red graphically driven booth with extremely well presented products. Unfortunately all we had to go off was your typical catalog as at the time the brand’s website was not ready, with only a sign up page to it.

Just a few weeks later Bad Ass Nutrition’s website is now finally up and running. It features everything you’d expect, including information on all the brand’s supplements such as the 10 flavor protein powder Bad Ass Whey, and the Animal Pak style packaged Bad Ass Amino, Crea, Pre and BCAA. The site does have some navigation issues, however it is fairly easy to find your way around. Feel free to check it all out for yourself at

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