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Muscle & Strength one of the first to show up with Cell-Tech Hyper-Build

cell-tech hyper-build

This week Muscletech’s all new Cell-Tech Hyper-Build has started making its way into retailers. One of the first locations to show up with the supplement appears to be none other than Muscle & Strength. The price the online store has introduced the 5 in 1 post-workout at is $34.99 for a full size 30 serving tub. That is a little more than the regular Cell-Tech, which Muscle & Strength has for $10 less at $24.99.

You can of course wait for other retailers to get the product to see if its price changes at all, although you also might want to wait if you prefer to have a variety of flavors. Unfortunately at the moment Muscle & Strength only has Cell-Tech Hyper-Build in one flavor, Icy Rocket Freeze. The supplement’s full menu is made of three, so as well as seeing other prices, if you wait you’ll also have Blue Raspberry and Fruit Punch to choose from.

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