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Oh Yeah makes it 10 flavors with Chocolate Birthday Cake One Bar

chocolate birthday cake one bar

Oh Yeah Nutrition has just unveiled its 10th flavor for its extremely popular high protein, One Bar. The latest addition to the supplement’s menu is actually a spin on its last new flavor, and we’re pretty sure is related to the brand’s teaser of “something amazing is coming” from earlier this month. The latest from Oh Yeah is quite the creative effort with a Chocolate Birthday Cake One Bar.

Just as you’d think the new One Bar flavor looks exactly like it sounds, a chocolate cake like bar covered in rainbow sprinkles. The brand has kept its macros around the usual One Bar numbers with Chocolate Birthday Cake being a lot like Chocolate Brownie in 22g of protein, 25g of carbohydrates (1g sugar), 7g of fat (4g saturated) and 210 calories.

As well as unveiling Chocolate Birthday Cake One Bar today, Oh Yeah has also made it available for pre-order. If you head to you’ll see the new flavor on the product’s list of options priced at the usual $27.99 for a full box of 12. Keep in mind the bar is only available for pre-order so it won’t ship immediately, however the brand is saying you won’t be waiting long as shipping is due to start the first week of May which is next week.

Oh Yeah Chocolate Birthday Cake One Bar

chocolate birthday cake one bar

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