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Best pre-workout in the US just $40 for a limited time

dvst8 white cut

Ever since we posted our review of Inspired’s new top 10 pre-workout DVST8 White Cut, we’ve been constantly asked where’s the best place to buy the supplement? If you’re a fan of the brand or a follower of our’s you’ll know, Inspired isn’t available in as many places as most, especially online. Despite not having many stockists there is one location we’d like to direct you to, that for a limited time has a deal you need to get in on.

Basically the most reliable place to get Inspired’s products online is direct from the brand itself. It is there where you’ll find the extremely impressive deal, as from today through until midnight Wednesday Inspired is running a promotion just for our readers. The regular price on DVST8 White Cut is $69.99, which we’ve already seen discounted a fair bit to as low as $48.99. The brand has now actually gone even further than that with our exclusive coupon “CUT30” getting you $30 off, dropping the pre-workout all the way down to $39.99.

While that price is quite high compared to an average pre-workout competitor, keep in mind this is a maximum 20 serving supplement that is currently #2 on our list of top 10 pre-workouts. To make it sound even more worth trying it is what we believe to be the best pre-workout in the US, as #1 as well as its upcoming sequel are showing no signs of making it over here. Whether you grab DVST8 White Cut now or take some time to think about it, just remember the coupon does expire Wednesday night with being the website to visit.

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