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Fusion leaning towards purple for its first Fusion Fam tee

fusion fam

Fusion Bodybuilding has just made an announcement that its fans are definitely going to appreciate. A couple of days ago the brand basically asked its social media followers what color they wanted to its all new Fusion Fam tee produced in. You can see the design above where it features the brand’s traditional line “Train Past The Pain”, as well as the title of the shirt “Fusion Fam”.

Fans were given six different color combinations to choose from with red, black, purple, white, pink or yellow. The brand has now confirmed that for its first Fusion Fam tee, which does suggest we might be in for a series, it is leaning towards the white on purple. There is no word yet on when the shirt will be available, however we imagine it will be launched through the place Fusion introduces all of its apparel,

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