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BCAA Powder the latest addition to GAT’s growing Essential Series

gat bcaa powder

Earlier this month we saw GAT add to its basic Essentials Series with the ZMA formula ZMAG-T. Just a few days out from the end of the month the brand has now added to that line once again with yet another basic product. This time instead of adding something entirely new, GAT has actually introduced a different form of another Essential Series supplement.

The latest from the brand is a powder version of its capsule BCAA formula simply named GAT BCAA Powder. Like all of the products in the line the BCAA powder is fairly straightforward with 50, 5g servings of unflavored BCAAs in each tub. That is obviously a lot more BCAAs than GAT’s original BCAA capsules, which has 30 servings of just under 4g of BCAAs.

Fans of the brand can in fact already pick up the new BCAA Powder direct from GAT’s website at The supplement has been priced a few dollars more than the capsules at $27.99 a tub, although as mentioned the powder does squeeze in a lot more BCAAs.

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