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Performix combines beauty and pre-workout for ION Glow

ion glow

Last year at the Olympia Performix unveiled an all new supplement that saw it take things in a direction it hadn’t been before. The terra intelligent bead brand introduced SST Glow, a beauty infused fat burner designed and marketed towards women. Performix has now unveiled its second women’s or Glow Series product with the beauty infused pre-workout formula ION Glow.

At the moment all we have on the supplement is a preview confirming its name and a handful of details. One of those details is that ION Glow features Lipowheat, an ingredient that’s also in SST Glow for restoring skin barrier function and hydration. Outside of that the only other piece of information we have on the contents of ION Glow is that it also has everything that’s in the regular Ion. That actually does make sense as that is the case with SST Glow, which is a combination of SST and beauty ingredients.

More information on Performix’s ION Glow is expected to come in some time this week, with the product itself due to launch at GNC later this month.

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