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MAN unveils Dirty Bulk in the first ever Milkshake n’ Fries flavor

man dirty bulk

While we have still yet to see its delicious sounding protein powder Clean Protein hit shelves. MAN Sports has gone and introduced yet another protein type supplement with the weight gainer Dirty Bulk. Like with all new products from the brand we don’t have a lot of formula information on Dirty Bulk just yet, with the only detail we do know being that it has 30g of protein per serving.

Fortunately there is another detail for the upcoming MAN Dirty Bulk that has been released, which isn’t formula related but extremely interesting. The brand has basically confirmed one of the supplement’s flavors with the never-before-seen Milkshake n’ Fries. While it may be hard to believe MAN has said the recipe is just as it sounds, “like dipping french fries in a chocolate milkshake”.

MAN Dirty Bulk joins the brand’s list of upcoming products, meaning fans now have two protein powders to look forward to. As always to be one of the first to know when MAN launches a supplement make sure you’re signed up to its 1%ers list at

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