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Mystery Flavor ISO-Amino Review: MAN nails its Airheads attempt

mystery flavor iso-amino review

Ever since MAN Sports launched ISO-Amino roughly one and a half years ago, we’ve been big fans. It is without a doubt the best tasting amino supplement on the market, with almost no company coming even close to competing with its candy like flavors. Up until now the original Sour Batch has been our favorite, although that has all changed thanks to the introduction of Mystery Flavor ISO-Amino.

MAN officially released Mystery Flavor a couple of months ago exclusively through Campus Protein. The title immediately got our attention as you can’t help but wonder what it tastes like with a name like that. After getting our hands on a tub however we’re pretty sure we’ve figured out what Mystery Flavor ISO-Amino actually is, with its title turning out to mean more than you’d think.

While we can’t be 100% sure as only MAN can confirm what Mystery Flavor is based on, we’re fairly certain it’s the brand’s attempt at Airheads. The ISO-Amino recipe doesn’t really tie itself down to any of the candy’s flavors which suggests it might be inspired by the White Mystery Airheads, a flavor said to be a random combination of two tastes. Regardless of whether or not MAN was trying to give fans an overall Airheads amino, that is exactly what Mystery Flavor ISO-Amino tastes like. The brand packs it with its signature candy like flavor, although this time it’s toned down the sourness and simply made it taste like Airheads.

mystery flavor iso-amino review

To convince yourself that it’s Airheads all you really need to is drink and eat the ISO-Amino and candy back to back. If you do end up doing that you may also notice the ISO-Amino flavor is in fact stronger than Airheads itself. We believe it’s because MAN’s effort is drinkable which lets it keep a strong consistent, sweet taste the entire time it’s in your mouth, as opposed to the varying flavor you get when chewing an Airheads bar.

As mentioned earlier Sour Batch has been our favorite ISO-Amino since the product launched one and a half years ago. It’s been the best example of MAN’s signature candy flavor, even after the release of its Nerds like Dorks and Swedish Fish like Sweet Delish. Mystery Flavor ISO-Amino easily takes the top spot for us as it seems to focus more on the candy flavor and has almost no sour side to it, resulting in a taste that you can comfortably enjoy a little more.

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