MET-Rx launches an all new website, logo and branding

Apr 29th, 2016

Veteran supplement company MET-Rx has made some pretty major moves this week, which has brought a whole lot of change to the brand. Firstly it has relaunched its website with an all new look, as well as a significantly better layout compared to its previous site. That then takes us to the next big MET-Rx change, a very modern looking rebrand.

You can see some of the brand’s products wearing the new look and logo in the image above, including the item MET-Rx has updated on its website, the protein bar Big Colossal 100. Like the site the new branding is very different compared to MET-Rx’s current, mostly red driven theme, being a little less red and a lot more black, and as mentioned much more modern. We imagine the rest of the MET-Rx line is also going to be rebranded, although for now it is just the supplements in the image.

Lastly to go with the new website, look and logo, MET-Rx has dropped a handful of videos. Two of them are edited versions of a full length commercial based around the very emotional and motivating theme of “love the monster”. You’ll understand it all a little bit better by watching the video yourself below, but definitely stayed tuned as it looks like MET-Rx does have a lot lined up.

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