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BSN’s NO Xplode XE ingredients confirmed at FIBO

no xplode xe

For whatever reason BSN has two booths at this year’s FIBO expo, however what’s even more interesting is that the brighter one of the two has the all new Edge Series pre-workout NO Xplode XE on display. While we only got a look at the supplement in posters and a slide show at the Arnold, here in Cologne we got a hands on with the product meaning we can now confirm all of its ingredients.

Before we go over the list of contents for NO Xplode XE we should mention that we are at FIBO, so the formula we’re looking at may not be what the US is due to get. Either way the combination in the pre-workout we got our hands on is surprisingly long and 100% transparent.

From heaviest to lightest the features making up NO Xplode XE are 1.6g of beta-alanine, a gram of citrulline, half a gram each of choline bitartrate and tyrosine, 375mg acetyl-l-carnitine HCl, 300mg n-acetyl-cysteine, 200mg each of longan extract and caffeine. 100mg each of rhodiola, lindera aggregata and theanine, 75mg grape seed extract, 50mg each of Cognizin CDP choline and glycerol, 25mg each of grapefruit and panax notoginseng, and lastly 10mg of huperzia serrata.

Usually we would attach a shot of the supplement’s label below, however all we have is a list of ingredients in German nothing like an official facts panel.

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