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BSN’s upcoming NO Xplode XE will cost $50 at GNC

no xplode xe

Being the well prepared store that it is, GNC has already added BSN’s upcoming Edge Series pre-workout NO Xplode XE to its website on backorder. While the listing doesn’t bring any more formula information to light as all of its contents details were released at the beginning of the week. It does give us an official price for NO Xplode XE, or at least the price GNC is going to have it available for.

The retail giant has confirmed an NO Xplode XE cost of $49.99 for a full size 30 serving tub. As always Gold Card members will get a slightly better deal with a saving of just under 15% at $42.99. This is as mentioned GNC’s price which is probably going to be more than everybody else, although the mystery is by how much? Our guess is by about $10 compared to the Gold Card price, as we’d like it to but don’t see BSN going below the $30 mark.

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