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Strawberries & Cream Modern Protein USP Labs’ latest inner circle launch

strawberry modern protein

USP Labs has just launched a follow up to its recently released stimulant free pre-workout Max REPS, with another flavor for its protein powder Modern Protein. Previously the supplement could only be found in the same two tastes it launched in, with Milk Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream. Those two originals have now been joined by another common protein flavor with Strawberries & Cream Modern Protein.

Like all new USP products, the third Modern Protein flavor has been introduced with a couple of deals through the brand’s insider group. You can choose between three 2lb tubs for $60 or three 4lb tubs for $110, with Strawberries & Cream only being available in the 4lb package and both offers coming with a free Barbell Club tee. The introductory deals are only available for 72 hours, giving fans until Thursday to take advantage of them.

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