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Muscle Sport unveils its Black Series fat burner Thermal Black

thermal black

Following on from yesterday’s teaser of what we presumed to be a Black Series fat burner, Muscle Sport has now unveiled that very supplement introducing Thermal Black. Just like the first Black Series product Rhino Black, Thermal Black has been designed as a much more intense version of the original Thermal Revolution. That idea is backed up by the fat burner’s formula as Muscle Sport has packed it with a lot more stimulants.

The Thermal Black label is made up three proprietary blends all of which combine to deliver energy, increased metabolism, thermogenesis, appetite suppression and decreased cortisol levels. The first blend on the list is the 175mg Thermal NRG Complex featuring TeaCrine theacrine, higenamine, isopropylnorsynephrine, theanine, cayenne, CapsiAtra and 3 5-diiodo-l-thyronine. Next is the 465mg Xanthine NRG Complex made up of caffeine, Infinergy dicaffeine malate, beta-phenylethylamine, theobroma, n-acetyl-tyrosine and hordenine. Last but not least is Thermal Black’s Appetite Suppression Complex weighing in the lightest at 50mg with alpha lipoic acid, zingerone, raspberry ketones and rauwolscine.

According to Muscle Sport while Thermal Black is not yet available, it will be later tonight. The supplement is apparently going to be released at midnight through the brand’s website at You can actually already see the fat burner online, which confirms just how much the supplement is going to cost you at $54.99 for a full 45 serving bottle.

Muscle Sport Thermal Black

thermal black

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