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Muscletech unveils its testosterone infused multi-vitamin VitaMax Test

vitamax test

One of Muscletech’s five upcoming SX-7 Black Onyx Series multi-vitamins has been unveiled today, bringing us a detailed look at the testosterone infused VitaMax Test. The supplement is in fact quite packed, which is no surprise as it is being promoted as a seven in one formula. Despite having a wide variety of ingredients VitaMax Test’s main focus is of course its testosterone boosting ability.

To make sure it delivers on its name, Muscletech has given VitaMax Test a seven feature Test Booster Blend. The transparently dosed ingredients making up that blend are 200mg each of boron citrate and tribulus, 125mg saw palmetto, 100mg maca, and 50mg each of longjack, rhodiola and ginkgo. That isn’t of course all that’s in the product as it does also have a full mix of vitamins and minerals, as well as a support matrix, enzyme blend, sensory compound and a performance blend.

To see the complete list of transparently dosed ingredients in Muscletech’s upcoming VitaMax Test, we have added its facts panel below. If you’re after more of a description on the supplement rather than just its details, head on over to where the brand now lists the product with a full explanation on what it is all about.

Muscletech Black Onyx VitaMax Test

vitamax test

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