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White Chocolate Cookie Carb Killa Review: Grenade’s best flavor yet

white chocolate cookie carb killa

If you’re a fan of candy bar style protein bars and have tried Grenade’s incredibly delicious Carb Killa. There’s a good chance you’ll agree with us when we say the product is easily the best tasting protein bar out there. While we have come across a number of chocolate bar like protein snacks, Carb Killa is definitely the closest you’re going to get to the real thing and it does it with only around 200 calories. Today we’ve actually got yet another Carb Killa review with this one being based on Grenade’s new White Chocolate Cookie

As you can tell from our introduction, we were already expecting great things from Grenade’s latest Carb Killa before we even bit into it. We assumed it was just going to be another delicious Grenade protein bar, with a touch of white chocolate and chocolate chips. Much to our surprise and as hard as it may be to believe, White Chocolate Cookie Carb Killa is significantly better than any of the brand’s other flavors.

When you first bite into the outer layer of the bar you’ll notice Grenade really nails the white chocolate. It’s given the flavor that extra bit of chocolatey sweetness needed make it noticeably white chocolate. You then have a nicely spread out top layer of crunchy chocolate chips and creamy white chocolate, which is where Carb Killa is always most convincing with its candy bar likeness. Once you chomp through those two layers you then get the doughy center, that only adds to the delicious consistency of the bar and completes what we believe to be the best Carb Killa to date.

white chocolate cookie carb killa

While we haven’t actually been able to relate any of the previous Carb Killas to a specific candy bar, just saying that they’re very candy bar like. White Chocolate Cookie does in fact have a mixture of flavors that we couldn’t help but compare to the internationally known Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme bar. As unbelievable as it sounds Grenade gets closer than we thought possible to the famous Hershey’s bar, with the one thing really separating the two being White Chocolate Cookie’s doughy center. That is the part that dilutes the delicious white chocolate and chocolate chip combination, although do keep in mind this is only in comparison to a Hershey’s chocolate bar. If you compare it to anything in its own market, there isn’t anything even within reach.

For us Carb Killa was already the best bar out there, with all of its flavors been equally good. White Chocolate Cookie has definitely and obviously changed that, as mentioned it is a lot better than any of the others. Not only is it candy bar styled and extremely candy bar like, but it also gets close to one of the more known chocolate bars on the market. Unfortunately it is not yet available in the US, however when it does and it gets into all the places it needs to we imagine it will quickly become an unstoppable competitor.

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