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Pineapple and Candy Apple coming soon to 212 Powder

212 powder

At the moment Muscle Elements only has the one flavor available for its weight loss formula 212 Powder, with the citrusy recipe Orange Crush. The supplement’s menu has had just the one since it arrived, however that is going to change some time soon. It has been confirmed that in the near future the brand is going to be adding two more to the product’s list of options, both of which are due to keep its fruity theme going.

The two tastes joining Muscle Elements’ original Orange Crush 212 Powder are Pineapple, and the slightly more creative effort Candy Apple. As mentioned the pair aren’t available at the moment, but are expected to be launched eventually. If they follow Muscle Element’s usual process they’ll likely hit its official website before anywhere else, so if you’re interested keep an eye on

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