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As suspected 4+ Nutrition has revealed and released HBCD+

4+ hbcd+

Yesterday we posted about a somewhat new supplement from 4+ Nutrition with BCAA+G, which simply turned out to be a rebranded version of Total Recall. Despite how interesting the news was, what we were actually expecting from the Italian brand was the product we have details on today. Just as we suspected a few days ago when 4+ posted its most recent teaser, it has now introduced an HBCD only formula officially named HBCD+.

The latest from 4+ Nutrition features only what it says in its title, with 30g of Cluster Dextrin (highly branched cyclic dextrin) in each of its servings. The unflavored product has absolutely nothing else in it which is why its 600g tub works out to exactly 20, 30g serving. Just as it does with all of the supplements it unveils, 4+ has immediately added HBCD+ to its website where local fans can now purchase it for €27 a tub.

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