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BIOS3 Xanix Warning: Directions and scoop size don’t match

bios3 xanix

Every now and then we come across mistakes on supplement labels that involve errors like bad spelling or dose typos. They’re not exactly worth pointing out, as they don’t really change the performance of a product. We have however just got Primeval Labs’ sleep and anxiety formula BIOS3 Xanix in for review, which does have a mistake on it that we feel fans do need to know about.

At first glance the directions on the supplement seem very straightforward. One 7.5g serving of BIOS3 Xanix is made up of three scoops, with 30 servings per tub. Three scoops may initially seem odd, although since the product suggests just one scoop for anxiety and three scoops for sleep, it does makes sense. Where the mistake comes in is that one scoop doesn’t actually weigh one-third of a serving, it’s an entire serving or at least that’s the case for the tub we have.

Basically Primeval has either put the wrong size scoop in BIOS3 Xanix, as according to the directions three scoops should total 7.5g not well over 20g. Or it has made a couple of mistakes on the label and should read one serving equals one scoop, and be directing people to use a third for anxiety and a full scoop for sleep.

bios3 xanix

Again, the only reason we’re highlighting this is because it is a massive mistake. Not only could it see fans throwing down triple the amount of every ingredient on its label, but if you do use three scoops as directed for sleep with a 7.5g scoop, you’ll be finished a tub of BIOS3 Xanix in 10 days.

We’re not entirely sure if Primeval has this problem with every bottle of BIOS3 Xanix, however since it’s an issue with ours we imagine there are others out there like it.

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