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Primeval Labs pushes Black Devil launch back to June 10th

primeval black devil

Last week Primeval Labs unveiled its first ever stimulant powered fat burner titled Black Devil. As well as unveiling the supplement the brand also decided to confirm a launch date for it, saying the product would be available on Monday the 23rd which was of course yesterday. Fans may have noticed that Primeval ended up missing that deadline, although it has already confirmed a new one.

Instead of being released this month Primeval’s Black Devil is going to be pushed back to early next month. The new date for the weight loss formula is exactly 17 days from now on Friday the 10th of June. You can see the updated launch date on Primeval’s website, however do keep in mind like the 23rd, June 10th is when Black Devil is expected to be available so it may end up changing again.

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