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Blackstone throws more than just DMAA into its new Dust Extreme

dust extreme

Last week some pretty big news was confirmed about Blackstone Labs’ next new pre-workout supplement Dust Extreme. Basically we got word that the brand is going to be using the original game changing stimulant 1,3 dimethylamylamine, more commonly known as DMAA. We’ve now got the other details everybody’s been wanting for, which is confirmation of Dust Extreme’s other ingredients.

Firstly unlike Blackstone’s current pre-workout competitor Dust V2, Dust Extreme is a 100% transparent formula. It lists doses for each and every one of its 10 ingredients that have all been packed into a 10.7g serving. Most of the product’s features are somewhat common with the likes of 4g of citrulline malate (2:1), 2.5g beta-alanine, a gram of agmatine, half a gram of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, 75mg higenamine and 300mcg of huperzine A. Dust Extreme’s other four however are where the supplement truly gets interesting.

Blackstone’s remaining ingredients include the promised DMAA at 75mg per serving, 750mg of dimethylaminoethanol, 30mg of Noopept the feature almost everyone dropped last year, and 350mg of the classic caffeine. As you can see those four combined with the other six definitely justify the product getting its new title. DMAA itself already has quite the reputation, so when mixed with everything else we imagine it’ll be quite the experience.

For those interested in securing themselves a tub of Blackstone’s new Dust Extreme, as mentioned earlier this week it is already available for pre-order at Same Day Supplements. The store is saying the pre-workout will ship in a little over one week’s time on Monday the 6th of June. The price on it is $39.95 with just the one creative flavor to choose from in Sour Gummy Bear.

Update: We have updated the label below which was previously a beta version of Dust Extreme. A lot of the formula is still the same although there are some major changes including the drop of Dust V2’s stimulant ArcoFuel and a 50mg increase in caffeine.

Blackstone Dust Extreme

dust extreme

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