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Performax Labs finally drops its new HyperMax XT label

hypermax xt

The hints and clues for Performax Labs’ all new HyperMax XT have now come to an end as the brand has finally released the upcoming supplement’s official label. As previously confirmed the formula is 50% heavier than its predecessor and has kept eria jarensis extract on as its main stimulant. Being that 50% heavier the product is obviously filled with changes including ingredients increases, additions and removals.

Like the previous version of HyperMax XT, Performax’s reformulation is split into two halves. You have its top half which is where all of its transparently dosed performance and pump features are, then the bottom half which is the non-transparent stimulant blend.

We’ll start things off with the top half of HyperMax XT’s label, where Performax has stuck with five different ingredients but has made a lot of changes. Firstly the supplement has dropped regular beta-alanine for 3g of Beta-O beta-alanine oratate, doubled its amount of agmatine and glycerol to 1 and 2g, moved to 4g of l-citrulline, and lastly swapped out choline bitartrate for a gram of l-ornithine-l-aspartate.

Moving on down to the new HyperMax XT’s energy blend, because it’s not transparent we don’t know exactly how similar it is to the previous version although there are a couple of obvious changes. Basically everything from the current formula is in the 2016 edition including b-phenylethylamine HCl, caffeine, the aforementioned eria jarensis, hordenine, citrus aurantium and rauwolfia. Where the changes come in is that per serving HyperMax XT now has 325mg of caffeine instead of 200, as well as the addition of tyrosine.

While all of the changes do seem to be for the better, the one big question remaining is does HyperMax XT still have a two scoop maximum? If it doesn’t then that does justify the product’s drop to 25 servings from 36 and the increase in certain ingredients. If it does then it is quite the packed out pre-workout especially with a combined total of 650mg of caffeine across two servings.

For your own look at the new HyperMax XT formula, we have added its official label down below. You can also expect to see it available very soon as Performax is due to announce when and where it will be launched sometime in the next week or two.

Performax Labs HyperMax XT (2016 version)

hypermax xt

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